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Krokodil ( Desomorphine ) Very dangerous

Recently digegerkan world by a new type of drug that is said to have 10 times the dose of morphine effects . Its effect is not the cause of the controversy over the use of this drug , but its users will suffer from decay of flesh in the area of ​​drug injection , and the most tragic thing is that the wound can never be treated , and will rot even circulating on the internet photos users , there are up to the bones already seen the loss of meat , and much more .
The tragedy is a type of drug called Krokodil Desomorphine , is a home-based product , which can be made with a very low cost , especially materials for easy dispensing drugs desomorphine this type , because users can buy the basic ingredients in drug stores , such as occurs in russian state .

Until now , the info circulating this new type of drug users , victims are mostly from Russia , because there the drug users is very difficult to obtain narcotics . In russia strict narcotics is strictly prohibited by the government , they are working hard to suppress the entry of drugs  , but probably because of difficulties to obtain narcotics is exactly what makes the drug users that try this new type of drug that is Krokodil ( Desomorphine ) because they can  own and easy to get the ingredients , said ingredients are a mixture of iodine , paint thinner and gasoline or other materials , they will get a 10-fold effect of morphine at a cost of about $ 5 - $ 7 .

Terrible, but they are not a deterrent , because this new type of drug users can only survive a maximum of three years , and most will die at the age of one year in which they started using the drug , as with other types of narcotics morphine they still survive to five years .
Is this comparable to what they get ? , Not at all , but addiction is they who make them must be willing to bear the pain and kill yourself slowly .

World must fight the ingredients of this drug , or if it can still be , the main ingredient should be eliminated from the drug , and no longer produced and not traded , as this can lead to the spread of the resulting loss of life in vain .

The Most Dangerous Of Drug Krokodil Krokodil ( desomorphine )

It The Most Dangerous Of DrugKrokodil Krokodil ( desomorphine ) is a mixture of chemical compounds , which are used in the manufacturing process desomorphine , making the availability of materials easily obtained then the addicts can mix their own without being filtered , most contain very high concentrations of iodine because there is no definitive measure by them , it is exactly what can disrupt the endocrine system and cause interference on the part of its muscles , phosphorus , which attacks bone tissue in the body , as well as harmful admixtures heavy metals such as lead and antimony , iron , zinc , which cause nervous system disorders , which are not mineral balanced again as well as inflammation of the liver and kidneys .
It's going to ruin the whole body tissue from the skin , liver heart , almost all organs can not survive by desomorphine this , because it is done by injecting directly into the bloodstream, it will be draining contaminated blood throughout the body until none of the organs that are not affected malignancy krokodil ( mesomorphine ) this .

So we can say it is a torture to myself , because it ensured the wearer will die within a period not long , however, so the users must already know the rewards that they get after consuming this stuff , but once again they can beat the addiction risk posed .

In the body damage Krokodil Users

In the body damage Krokodil Users
  •  Used injecting Krokodil ( desomorphine ) this would be like an ulcer , but it is very difficult be cured can not and if not treated intensively as an amputation at the decaying then be widened everywhere which causes the entire skin and flesh rotting and the wearer can be regarded as a zombie because their body parts are rotting .
  •   They also felt extreme pain in the burning around the injection site
  •   if the heroin addicts had survival rates of up to five years , then another case with krokodil addicts (desomorphine ) their bodies can only last up to three years , even most of them would die after one year of taking desomorphine.
  • Most of them after taking krokodile ( desomorphine ) will suffer from hepatitis C , and disruption in their own gangrene . 
  • Users Desomorphine suffered acute deterioration in their general health , just imagine how the body can survive with desomorphine ( krokodile ) is because it contains a mixture of highly hazardous chemicals is injected directly into the blood stream without filtering , and directly channeled throughout the body tissues , including the immune system weak and failure in their hearts as well as other damage to the body .

Originally Krokodil Drugs

Originally Krokodil Drugs at first the scientists in the U.S. to try to make a new kind of morphine that does not make the wearer is not addictive , and its effect is not too long and not cause damage to body tissues . Desomorphine isomer also called synthetic morphine , the researchers actually make these substances treat heroin addicts or as teraphy for their healing . However, after arriving in the hands of Russia , the ingredients are blended desomorphine began indiscriminately and all the ingredients are considered to strengthen the effects of krokodil desomorphine participate mixed into drugs .

Krokodil( desomorphine ) types of drugs have long circulated in Russia . This is because the country is very strict against drug trafficking so difficult for addicts to obtain illicit goods . Previously the country's heroin is very easy to get and very poor circulation so that the pressure on the government to make the item so that drug users there hard to get it . Strict regulation and supervision made ​​here and there to heroin can be said to be very hard to find there .
But addicts are no less reasonable reliance by such things , instead they try to try to mix alternative material that is stronger than heroin , although it will make them suffer . Krokodil blended itself with various mixtures of ingredients such as codeine , gasoline , paint thinner , hydrochloric acid , and red phosphorus . hydrochloric acid that can cause the most damage to the skin that is noticeable is the decay down to the bone , in addition to other effects that are very dangerous .
The most terrible thing is this drug so popular so quickly and spread to many countries in the world , it is possible that can be made and at a cost that is not too expensive or not more than $ 5 to buy the ingredients that can be obtained easily market , is vastly different than the price of heroin .
Worse yet these objects were made alone without any purification , so it is certain there will be chemical imbalances that can endanger the lives of the her addicts, which by injecting directly into the body , it is proved by the occurrence of decay around the injection area that can not be cured or treated , and in a long period of decay of the body will not happen , this is what causes the drug user 's type desomorphine he was addicted to the substance since then his life will not be able to last more than 3 years , and will suffer the pain of decay that occurs in their bodies .
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