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Dangers of Drug Krokodil

Dangers of Drug Krokodil - Companions Pustakers , on this occasion Library School will share information about the krokodil drug and its dangers . Drug Krokodil desomorphine also by other names is a drug formulated from Iodine compounds , Codien , hydrochloric acid , red phosphorous and gasoline . Narcotics Drug Krokodil or Crocodile is also known as the Crocodile drugs , Krokodile , Krokodil , Crocodile tears , aka narcotic opioids malignant penggerogot pecandunya meat .Including substance Narcotics Drug Krokodil , because had the effect of Hallucinogens , depressants , stimulants , and addictive at the same time . Well this is the same if putauw consumption , marijuana , at INEX in disposable . Initially there are no crocodiles drug name, drug name krokodil comes from Crocodile or in Indonesian means crocodile . Effects of the drug that is similar to this one called rich , the rich will make the wearer alias reptiles have scales and ga smooth contour skin , because the skin tissue damage in stages and behavior of the wearer as well .


Originally Krokodil DrugDrug Krokodil originated from Russia country . Russia is a country Country Narkob Most users in the world . But the Russian government managed to suppress the growth and trafficking of drugs . Now barkoba , kind Heroin is very difficult to find , if there were , they were very expensive . Well , for it arose the idea of the Junkers or drug addicts for dispensing the dangerous drug . Krokodil is taken from the name of the street in desomorfin . Krokodil is addictive heroin substitute is very popular in Russia . The effect is 8-10 times more potent than morphine ( the same substance used in heroin ) . However , the price is much cheaper than heroin because the ingredients easily obtainable .
Krokodil is a drug made ​​from a mixture of compounds , which are used in the manufacturing process desomorphine . Drugs that are not filtered , often contains high concentrations of iodine , which can disrupt the endocrine system . This type of drug causing muscle disorders , phosphorus , which attacks bone tissue , and admixtures harmful heavy metals such as iron , zinc , tin and antimony . As a result, the nervous system , mineral imbalances , and inflammation of the liver and the kidney . This drug is made next home , as easy to obtain ingredients making krokodil . In addition to the material easily , offered price krokodil also quite cheaper than heroin . Simply spend about 2 pounds per pack to get krokodil . If you are injecting this medicine , the skin will turn greenish and scaly like a crocodile . This occurs due to rupture of blood vessels and surrounding tissue death . If it were so , the only way to solve this is amputation . If a drug addict is already very addictive , then the user's skin and its flesh shall fall like melting of the body . Not only that , these drugs also cause pneumonia , blood poisoning , meningitis and even damage to the arteries .Krokodil addiction often following the first dose . Krokodil is so addictive that most people never recover . According to reports of people who are addicted will continue to consume until they have completely rotted flesh separated from the body , until they can no longer even move , until death , which is not unusual . Krokodil addicts live on average only 1-2 years due to severe damage to the meat and internal organs , including the brain .Organ damage in krokodil users

Users Desomorphine suffered acute damage on their general health , including the immune system weak and failing hearts .
nbisa not healed ulcers began to appear in the body
someone literally rotting or becoming undead .
Venous injection sites located near the " burn . "
Those who are addicted desomorphine not survive for more than one year
( A heroin addict has a survival rate of up to five years )
Approximately 33 % of the krokodil addicts reported having had hepatitis C.
susceptible to infection and gangrene .Because desomorphine chemical properties , they are addicted to drugs never went into remission . Half the patients returned to take medication or start taking codeine pills .Krokodil drug is ecstasy only 1-2 hours . The rest of the addicts will return this back dispensing , dispensing drug krokodil takes about 1 - 1,5 hours , so the addict will spend the time to mix and enjoy this evil drug . The point Krokodil drug or Desomorphine (Russian pronunciation) is a new drug that terrible homemade . Believed he made ​​in Russian Siberia . He became a new outbreak in Russia there because the victims suffered rot and fall off the skin similar to the effects of gangrene .
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